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Ceiling Lighting Case
Ceiling Lighting Case 5

Comfortable Lighting For Modern Living Room

How to make your living room be a relaxing place for your family and friends? The proper lighting application is essential, especial the ceiling decoration and lighting design.

In the middle of the living room, there must be a beautiful droplight to achieve the decorative lighting. And we recommend this LED Ball Bulb inside this droplight. This E14 LED Ball Bulb could offer the high-efficiency illumination lighting solution. And its uniform and soft Warm White light is perfect for the comfortable atmosphere in living room.

In addition, we also need other side lighting to add the decorative lighting in the whole room. Don’t miss this LED Down Lamp and LED Flexible Strip. With Natural White lighting, they can be the outline lighting in the living room. In details, this LED Down Lamp can be adjusted its lighting angle according to individual needs. Also, this IP65 Natural White LED Strip would offer the great outline lighting, to create the stylish interior design.