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Dining Room Lighting Case
Dining Room Lighting Case 1

Pendant Lights Create Bright And Cozy Environment For Dinning

If you want to get cozy environment for your dining room, then the pendant light is great product to mount above the dinner table. At this dining room, with only several LED pendant lights and LED down lamps, it can create bright and comfortable lighting environment for enjoying dinner.

For main lighting of the dining room, choose 7W LED Down Lamp mounted on the ceiling can provider bright and soft lighting. With quality lens, this down lamp lighting is balanced and the embedded installation can maintain the entirety of the decoration. 100-240V wide voltage design fits for customers from different districts. 

Above dinner table, LED Pendant Light can be the ideal choice to focus more lighting on the table to illuminate foods, dishes. Use E27 LED Ball Bulb as light source of pendant light is good try. Its soft warm white is perfect for creating home atmosphere. This ball bulb utilizes isolated constant current power and with build-in die cast aluminum heat sink which extend its lifespan to 30, 000 hours.