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Dining Room Lighting Case
Dining Room Lighting Case 2

Enjoy Dinner With Comfortable And Bright Lighting

If you want to enjoy dinner with comfort, then the bright and balanced lighting is needed for your dining room. In this dining room, the simple chandelier and some spotlights create a cozy and comfortable lighting for dinner.

At the middle, one modern chandelier is hanging from the ceiling to emit brightness for the dinner table. The light source of it is E14 LED Candle Bulb which emits warm white lighting. The candle shape E14 light bulb is suitable for hanging installation light fixture and the 360 degree light beam angle make its lighting is wide. 

At the edgeways of ceiling, the 4W LED spotlights add ambient lighting for the space. With quality lens, it is anti glare and the beam angle is adjustable to fit for different lighting demand.