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Balcony Lighting Case
Balcony Lighting Case 1

Warm Lighting For Cozy Balcony

No matter large or small balcony, spend some time for it, with several simple furniture and light fixtures, you can enjoy your cozy and wonderful balconies time with families and friends or just enjoy the quiet moment alone.
Hang the solar LED Christmas light on the wall and from the ceiling to offer warm main lighting for the balcony. This LED Christmas light has a IP65 protection level for safe outdoor using, and the solar-powered system help to save energy and reduce the power wire troubles. Warm White lighting create cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

On the table and floor, set several LED Atmosphere Lamp as ambient light and enrich lighting layer. Its protection reach IP68 which make it has excellent waterproof. And powered by rechargeable batteries, its running time is long and convenient for moving. The RGB lighting makes the balcony space relaxed and funny for enjoying.