LED Strip Light

DC 5V 1M to 5M LED Strip RGB Light TV Back Lighting Kit + RF Remote Controller

Item No.: serial number:RP167
1. Low power consumption,Super-bright but running with low temperature.
2. All the light spread and completely smooth,luminous very even.
3 Self-adhesive back with Adhesive tape for secure and easy application.

1. LED Type: 5050 SMD
2. Color: RGB
3. LED quantity: 60smd / Meter
4. Protection class IP60 (Non-Waterproof)
5. Operating voltage: DC 5V
6. Viewing Angle: 120 °
7. Operating temperature: -20 to 50 °
8. Measurements: W1.00cm x T0.25cm
9. PCB width: 10mm
11. PCB: White
24key IR Remote Controller
1. Type: 24Key Remote Controller
2. Connection mode: Common Anode(+)
3. Input: 5-24V
4. Output: 5-24V (3x2A)
Ø Working Temperature: -20°C-60°C
Ø Remote controller battery 3V: 1xCR2032 ( Battery are not included due to post office request, you will have to buy another in your local store )

Control Method

Brightness+(8 in all)

Brightness-(8 in all)



Static red

Static Green

Static Blue

Static white

Static orange

Static Pea green

Static Dark orchid

7 color jumpy change

Static Dark yellow

Static Cyan

Static Magenta

All fade out &fade in

Static Yellow

Static Light blue

Static Pink

7 color fade change

Static Straw yellow

Static Sky blue

Static purple

3 base color jumpy